Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Abuse of Men and Boys

I was fortunate to speak to the founder of Matrixmen , Martin Pelders this week and will hopefully meet with him later this week. He is such a passionate guy. I ask you to follow Matrixmen.

As I found through working with drug addiction with men and boys, most of them were abused, not only sexually but physically and mentally. Broken human beings.

Unfortunately there is no platform or forum for them to say to the world what is happening to them. Men will not speak to friends or family for fear of been ridiculed or laughed at. You are not a "man" if you are getting abused by your partner or if you have been raped by older men or boys when you were younger.

In a conference I attended less than a year ago, a young man bravely stood up in front of 400 women and said that his girlfriend was abusing him.
The outcome was that 400 women laughed at him and told him to sit down. The person (also a women) that was giving the lecture simply smiled and said she is going to move on. The conference was about women and child abuse held for NGO's and NPO's by the relevant government department.

There are hundreds and thousands of stories to be told around the abuse of men and boys. This happens not only in the poor sub economic areas of the country but in the suburbs and affluent areas too. This is happening under your noses with people you know, and nobody says a word. Especially not the victims.

Although men are singled out as the perpetrators in the abuse of women and children, I believe that it is not a gender issue but a social issue that should be addressed urgently.

Men does not have a shoulder to cry on. He cries with a bottle in his hand, a needle or drugs in his veins, he is crying in the casino's and in brothels.

Nobody cares to love the men or boys in their lives, after all they are the perpetrators, according to what the media want you to believe.

I am not going to try and proof this by quoting figures to show you how clever I am, however you are more than welcome to contact me at Blue Paper Owl Out Patient Rehab Program or Matrixmen.

Here is a video for you to watch if you dare.

Thank you for listening. Please contact us if you want to know more about this initiative.