Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Generation Habit Replacement Program and your Child.

Understanding your teenager is a daunting task at best.
Trying to understand a teenager with a bad habit, because of a wrong choice they made, is a total different kettle of fish.

Working with teenagers we know the consequences of using alcohol and drugs, however very few parents understand or care to understand what the cause of this bad habits are.

When we look at some of the consequences, it is no wonder that most parents loose control and then over react, causing more harm than good.

Schools on the other hand, do have an easy solution.
They simply ask your child to leave (expelling him/her) with a vague promise that when the child finishes the rehabilitation program (S.A.N.C.A) he/she will be able to finish his schooling.
The problem comes when your child is 16 years or older. Then the law states that no school have to take them back. Even if they do, can you imagine how this child will be treated, not only by fellow learners but by judgmental teachers as well. The child will be labeled as an addict.

Now your child have no decent education and no prospect of the future you envisaged for him/her. Just because a young child made a wrong choice so early in their life. Suddenly the child becomes an outcast from society.

We can carry on scaring you about what will happen to your child. That will not bring us closer to a solution, but rather bring us to the same low level as society by blaming and judging.
I believe by showing the child that he/she is not a worthless evil addict, but rather a good human being, that had a bad habit can go a long way in creating a better society for all of us.

If you have read this far, my dear parent, I would like to offer you the opposite of fear.... HOPE.

The New Generation Habit Replacement Program will not change your child into the saint you want him/her to be, but rather into a well balanced teenager who will be proud of himself again, and making you proud to be their parent.

For more information please feel free to look at the previous post regarding this unique and very affordable Out Patient Program.

There is always a possibility to change your life, if you are prepared to change your mind. (In the case of teenagers, their attitude)

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  2. Sorry to say Md Razu Ahmed what does your comment have to do with this post.Please stop doing this.

  3. Sorry to say Md Razu Ahmed what does your comment have to do with this post.Please stop doing this.