Friday, October 30, 2015

Our Detox Method

The biggest hurdle an addict faces (Drug or Alcohol addiction), even when he has firmly made up his mind to quit, is the physical call his body makes to have the next fix.

Part of the action of almost every drug is to first stimulate the nerves and then ultimately deaden it, leaving him without sensation except that which he gets from the drug.  
Most people do not realize that replacing the nutrients that are abundantly depleted by drugs can make withdrawals very much lighter.

The Drug Bomb replaces in generous quantities the nutrients that drugs will deplete.  This gives the addict a better chance of beating withdrawals.  It gives him the chance to exercise his will to support his decision to quit with  reduced pressure from the body – thus thousands of  addicts have been able to beat their addiction.

Two of the worse and almost uniformly experienced symptoms faced during withdrawal are extreme edginess and cramping.  The Instant Calmag C is a really pinpointed solution to these symptoms.  Calcium prevents cramps, is a natural painkiller (even medically used) and is a major factor in mood stability.  Magnesium coats the nerve endings and it’s deficiency is the major cause of edginess during withdrawal.

Instant Calmag C has been widely tested for both absorption rate and effectiveness.  The PH balance and the 2:1 elemental ratio of Calcium: Magnesium enables both absorption and the tightly co-dependent utilization of both calcium and magnesium.

This new method of beating withdrawal cuts out an idiocy that has been prevalent in previous (treatments), namely giving an addict drug B to get him off drug A and then calling him “cured” while now addicted to drug B.  Heroin “cured” by methadone is an example of this.  Methadone has become one of the top 10 killer recreational drugs in the USA.

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