Friday, October 30, 2015

What about Trust

One of the major issues parents and loved ones of addicts have is trust.

It is understandable that they cannot trust these individuals. They were lied too, manipulated, stolen from and even had to bail their children out from police custody, not once but plenty of times. I have spoken to lots of parents and all of them are broken, sad and very angry. Nobody could blame them.

As a counsellor I believe that the parents are part of this problem and therefor it is crucial that they should attend the classes of the Out Patient Drug Rehab Program to teach and guide them through these trying times.

How long does a person in recovery have to be clean before he/she could be trusted?
That is a very difficult question. Very few parents can answer this. The normal answer is usually a negative “Never”. That is the easy way out or perhaps because they just don't know or care. They are tired of listening to good intentions and empty promises.

Contrary to popular believe trust is not earned.
Trust is given. You should give this person your trust.

This trust is the lifeblood of your child's recovery. Without this trust no person will be able to make a full recovery, however I have seen some remarkable recoveries by people whose loved ones give them their trust.

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