Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Hole you Fell into

Greetings to you

And now, now that you have fell into this dark stinking hole of addiction, suffocating, drowning in your own misery, not knowing how to get out, I would like to offer you a solution.

Only you understand how dark it is, only you know how helpless you feel.

Your family walk past you, judging you, blaming you, telling you that they told you not to do it. They say that they did warn you and that you are now on your own. They had enough of your bullshit.
Your friends walks past you, laughing at you, they don't give a hoot about your well being. They are still all right. Why should they care?
The pastor or priest walks past you, promising you that he will pray for you. Only God can save you.

In the meantime you are lying in the mud, suffocating in your misery.

"Help me... Please somebody help me" you yell. Everybody hears you, but nobody knows how to help you. All they know is to judge and blame you, laugh or pray for you.
If only somebody can only help me you think, in desperation, but to no avail.

Then, one day somebody walks past, somebody that knows how to get you out. He understands why you are in this hell hole, he does not judge or blame you, he doesn't laugh at you or pray for you. Without hesitation he jumps into this hole, he takes your hand, slowly he guides you out. He knows the road out. He leads you out of this darkness.

Now, again you can feel the sun on your skin, you can hear the birds and smell the flowers. You can breath again. You can start a new life. You were taught not to step into that hole again. Wonderful.

This is possible, there is hope.

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